NEW! Introducing Savings Goal

Helping You Save for the Future and Prepare for the Unexpected

At Branch, we’re passionate about creating new ways to provide you greater control over your money—from instant payments to cash back rewards and personalized spending insights. Now we’re thrilled to add another tool that can help you reach your financial goals and create peace of mind: Savings Goal*.

With this new feature, Branch users can easily set a savings goal, put aside funds, and track their progress toward achieving it. Start taking control of your financial future: put your hard-earned cash toward an emergency fund, a vacation, or whatever else your heart desires. It’s also a convenient way to avoid overspending and making sure you have money for an upcoming bill or anticipated expenses. Choose a target savings amount, a date to track your progress, and begin saving!

You can even choose auto-contributions, a set-it-and-forget it way to make setting aside money for your goals even easier. Choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly auto-contribution options and watch your savings grow.

We know that saving money isn’t always easy, but by honing in on what you’re saving for—and when you need it—you’re steps closer to reaching your financial goals. Setting aside even a small amount of money each month can really add up over time! The peace of mind gained from a little financial preparation helps you better navigate life’s opportunities and challenges, whether that’s your monthly cell phone bill, a family trip to Disney World, or an unexpected roadside emergency.  

Funds moved into your Savings Goal are securely stashed away from your primary balance so that you don’t inadvertently spend them. When life happens, and you need to tap into the money you’ve set aside, you have the flexibility to easily transfer those funds back to your primary balance at any time, free of charge.

We’re here to help you save towards all your goals—big or small—and cheer you on as you achieve them. And this is just the beginning: be on the lookout for more updates and ways to save with Savings Goal. 

To learn more about setting up Savings Goal, check out this FAQ—and for more resources on how to build savings, check out the articles below:

*Savings Goal is a feature in your Branch Wallet that allows you to set aside money for a savings goal. With this feature, you can determine the amounts, dates and funds movement to and from the savings goal balance. Amounts moved to your savings goal will no longer appear on your available balance, but you will have control to move the funds at any time. Additional terms may apply to the savings goal feature, which will be disclosed in the Branch app.

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