Welcome to Greenhouse: Growing a Brighter Financial Future

At Branch, we believe in helping you grow financially. That’s why we’re excited to launch Greenhouse: a curated marketplace powered by Fiona.com where you can browse financial products and services from refinancing options for cars or student loans to high-yield savings accounts. Find fresh ways to make the most out of your money.

How Greenhouse works:

  1. Browse the latest financial services on the Greenhouse tab in the Branch app.
  2. Tap the product you’re interested in, whether it be a savings account, personal loan, or refinancing options.
  3. Review the information provided by Branch.
  4. Continue to an external platform to provide basic information and review your selection.

New financial products and services will populate on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check back in to see what’s new. 

Using Greenhouse

Browse interesting insights from our expert team or head to the full support page.


How do I get started with Greenhouse?
To get started with Greenhouse, simply navigate to the Greenhouse tab in your Branch app. Here you can browse financial products or services; when you find one you’re interested in,  click on it to learn more. You’ll be redirected to the company providing the offer, where you can provide basic information and see more information about the product.
Are financial products and services in Greenhouse provided by Branch?
No; we’ve partnered with Fiona.com/Engine by MoneyLion to curate the products and services offered by various financial institutions. After filling out the form, their platform will match you with offers from a network of 100+ lenders. It's fast, free, and there's no risk to your credit. If you qualify for a product and decide to sign up, Branch may receive compensation from Engine.
How do I qualify for these financial products and services?
The financial institutions evaluate your information and determine your eligibility for offers. You'll need to share basic identity information with Fiona.com, which will then curate relevant product offers from their network. Neither Branch nor Engine are responsible for any decisions made by the financial institutions with respect to any product or service.
Why do I get different financial products and services than others?
Fiona considers various factors in curating financial products and services for you. These may include your credit score, employment status, income level, and any information they receive from you.
How do I receive support for the Greenhouse?
With questions or concerns, please contact https://fiona.com/support.
How long are these products and services available? Do they change?
The length of time products and services are available will vary; Branch does not control how long products and services are available on Fiona.com and they are subject to change without warning.
Are any of the savings products in Greenhouse related to Branch’s Savings Goal feature?
No. Branch’s Savings Goal feature is separate from any of the savings products in Greenhouse.