This simple life-hack saves time & helps keep your money safe.

Ever face the “enter PIN” prompt at checkout, but your mind completely blanks? You enter the first numbers that come to mind, hoping the muscle memory in your fingers will remember—but no luck. Or maybe you worry about your PIN being stolen when you transact as a long line of people forms behind you. Skip the PIN with this tip and enjoy a faster, more secure way to make everyday purchases. 

Skip the PIN and stay secure

Your Branch Card utilizes an EMV chip, which already keeps your account info safer than cards without it, as thieves can’t steal your info from just a chip. They could, however, access your account if they had your PIN. Take your security up a notch by choosing “Bypass PIN” whenever you make a purchase.

  • Once you insert your card, the card reader will offer you options for entering your PIN.
  • One of those options is typically listed as “Bypass PIN.” Look for this selection at most major retailers. 
  • That’s it! Your transaction should go through and you’ll be asked to remove your card.

Please note: Not every store or gas station will give you the option to “Bypass PIN,” but it’s become incredibly common. Whenever you have the option, select “Bypass PIN” for a faster, safer transaction.

Additionally, if your card is ever lost or stolen, you can lock/unlock your card directly from the Branch app. This gives you ultimate control over someone’s ability to use your card if they’ve stolen it. 

Benefits of Bypassing PIN

Choosing not to enter your PIN is faster, safer and let’s face it—a little more sanitary.

Fuel up faster

Paying at the pump is the most convenient option for filling up on the road. Next time you’re at the pump, stay secure by skipping your PIN. Start by inserting your card, then select the “Bypass PIN” option on screen. It's a convenient way to fuel up faster (and mitigate risk) while on the road.

Stay one step ahead of thieves

A crowded store after a long day's work may be the perfect chance for someone to lean over your shoulder and get your PIN—don’t give thieves the opportunity to make you a target by keeping transactions swift and secure. 

Keep payments quick and your fingers clean

Let’s face it, those payment keypads aren’t the most sanitary objects out there. Set up contactless payments to skip the germs and gain even greater peace of mind. Learn more about adding your Branch Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay here.

The smallest details sometimes make all the difference. Bypass your PIN for your daily spending and boost your security in seconds. It's a simple little life hack that goes a long way.

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