New! Introducing CashFlow

You spoke, we listened! We know how much you enjoy your personalized monthly Spend Insights email and wanted to find a way to introduce more of that helpful info into your day-to-day. We’ve merged Budget into the Branch Wallet and are excited to launch CashFlow, a tool to help you keep better tabs on your cash flow.

How does it work?

CashFlow provides personalized insights into where your money is coming and going based off of deposits and spending from your Branch Wallet. Once you’ve added your Direct Deposit along with any recurring bills, CashFlow breaks down how much you’re earning, how you’re spending using your Branch Wallet, and ways to spend smarter.  

How can it help?

You may have heard of business cash flow being really important, and personal cash flow is too! Your personal cash flow measures how much is coming in (your earnings) and how much is going out (your spending). You’ll want to keep a positive net cash flow (a positive balance on your account). Knowing the ins and outs of your own cash flow can help you better manage and save your money.

Our CashFlow tool can provide an overview of how much of your paycheck you’ve spent, top spending categories and merchants, when you might be running low on funds, and even provide an estimate of how much money you can spend each day before your next payday. And that’s just the beginning...

How can I get started?

To unlock the full CashFlow experience, you’ll need to:

  • Set up a Direct Deposit onto the Branch Wallet
  • Add any recurring bills
  • Spend using your Branch Card or Wallet

Stay tuned for more updates! Need help setting it up or have questions? Reach out to

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