FREE Allpoint ATM Access for Branch Card Holders

5 Things To Do When You Get Your Branch Card

You finally have your Branch Card in hand (score!), now what? Use your Branch App to find free* ATMs and ways to get rewarded—plus switch your direct deposit to Branch so getting paid is easier than ever.

  1. Activate your card. Ready to spend, send, or save your money however you like? Activating your Branch Card is fast and simple, and it starts with downloading the Branch app. For full instructions, go here, and get ready to enjoy a fee-free banking experience.
  1. Find free ATMs near you. Need access to cash?  Just use our ATM locator in the app to take advantage of one of the 55,000+ free* ATMs within the AllPoint Network near you. (They’re conveniently located at popular retail locations like Target, Walgreens, Circle K, and CVS across the country!)
  1. Earn your first reward. From getting paid to order that weekly burrito to being rewarded for filling up your gas tank, Branch has your back. Earn cash back rewards when you spend on everyday purchases with your Branch Card! Head to the Rewards tab in the Branch App to locate rewards near you, from in-person retailers to online stores.

  2. Set up direct deposit. We’re all for anything that makes life a little more convenient. One of those simple pleasures? Being able to access all your earnings in one simple place, without having to transfer to external accounts. Make it happen by switching your direct deposit to Branch! (Plus, some employers enable two-day early direct deposit through Branch, meaning you could see funds in your account a full two days before payday. Score!) Ready to use Branch for direct deposit? Go here.

  3. Get personalized insights. The CashFlow tab in your app can give you personalized spending insights if you have your direct deposit set up, so you get a bird’s eye view of your financial habits. You can also turn on bill alerts so you never get caught off guard by upcoming expenses again.

*Up to 8 free ATM transactions per month. A $2 fee will apply per transaction after 8 transactions until the next month.

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