9 Things You Can Do With Your Branch Card

Whether you have your new Branch Card in hand or are waiting for it to arrive in the mail, we thought we’d take a minute to remind you that your Branch Card and account come with lots of perks—more than you even might guess. From seamless online bill pay to cashback rewards, let’s explore all the ways you can manage your money and make the most of your finances with Branch.

1. Spend online or in-person

Your Branch Card is a debit card you can use wherever Mastercard is accepted, from buying gas and groceries to shopping online. There’s no need to transfer your earnings elsewhere—unless you want to—since you can spend directly with Branch. Pro Tip: No need to enter your pin every time you make a purchase! You can make transactions even easier by selecting the bypass PIN or credit options at checkout.

2. Pay bills

From your internet bill to your monthly utility payments, Branch can help you make it all happen. Most billers have made it easy to use debit cards like the Branch Card online. Just enter your Branch Card number on the website where you’re paying the bill; you can make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments.

3. Take out cash

Digital payments have made a huge difference in our lives, saving us time and hassle. Yet sometimes, we know that cash is still king. When you want to take out cash, choose a fee-free Allpoint ATM in your area for up to 8 free ATM transactions per month (A $2 fee will apply per transaction after 8 transactions until the next month). Use the Branch App’s ATM finder to quickly locate the closest one near you.

4. Earn rewards

Getting rewarded for making everyday purchases is one of those things that just makes life a little sweeter. Earn cashback rewards for making everyday purchases in-person and online when you spend with your Branch Card. Find offers near you in the Rewards tab of the Branch app.

5. Save for a rainy day

Being able to create and contribute to savings goals allows you to map out a more secure financial future. That’s why we love Savings Goal, a Branch feature that lets you do just that! Whether it’s saving up for future bills and expenses or setting aside funds for that dream vacation, Savings Goal lets you add contributions whenever you like. You can even opt in to auto-contributions, offering you a set-it-and-forget it way to contribute to your goal. Need to access those funds quickly? Easily move those funds back into your Branch account at no cost.

6. Manage your money

Add your income into your Branch account for easier money management. From there, you can save or spend your money however you please. If you do wish to transfer to an external account, remember that where eligible we offer a fee-free option of ACH transfer, helping you keep all your hard-earned money.

7. Make contactless payments

Want to leave your wallet at home? No problem. With a quick wave of your phone over a merchant’s card reader, you can easily make contactless payments. Simply add your Branch Card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay and you’ll be good to go!

8. Lock or unlock your card

At Branch, your security is our top priority. That’s why your Branch Card comes with an easy lock/unlock feature in case you lose or misplace it. Simply lock or unlock your card directly from the app and rest easy.

9. Take your card with you for life

One of our favorite features of the Branch Card? It’s yours to keep—no matter where life, or your career, takes you. Even if you move on to another gig or job, you can still keep your Branch Card and account to spend and save your money however you choose.

Whether you’re trying to pay a bill online, make a purchase at your favorite retailer, save for a rainy day, or more—your Branch account can make it happen. We’re always thinking of ways to enhance the Branch experience, so stay tuned for more fresh features in the future, too!

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