Bringing Meaningful Cashback to Drivers and Couriers with the Uber Pro Card

When it comes to debit cards with benefits, choosing the right one can be tricky. Luckily, launching the Uber Pro Card, we’ve been able to be a part of bringing meaningful cashback and other perks to Uber drivers and couriers across the country! 

We were thrilled to see this write-up in Forbes detailing how the Uber Pro Card can help drivers with cashback on gas purchases and EV charging, as well as the ability to get paid instantly after completing a ride. 

In addition, the Uber Pro Card comes without fees or credit checks, since it’s a debit card that’s accepted everywhere Mastercard is. 

Improving people’s cash flow in order to boost their financial wellness is one of our main goals at Branch, and the ability to help so many hardworking Uber drivers accomplish this is something we feel honored to be a part of. 

Want to read the article in-depth? It provides an unbiased review of the Uber Pro Card and how it stacks up to some competitor cards in terms of cashback and other perks. Check it out here.

Part of the Uber platform? Sign up for the Uber Pro Card here!

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