Get rewarded for everyday spending.

We’re excited to introduce Branch Rewards! Embark on this new journey with us today.

How Branch Rewards work:

Learn about rewards (in just a few steps)

How Rewards work:

Learn about rewards in 15 seconds
Start getting cash back when you spend at your favorite spots using your Branch Card.
Swipe your Branch card, use it virtual, or online purchases at participating companies.
Watch your Rewards balance pile up with each new purchase.
At the end of each month, all your spending rewards will be added to your Branch wallet.
Use the app to find deals near you.
Rewards at 1,000s of locations:

Using Rewards

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What are rewards?
Branch Rewards is a new feature that helps workers earn money back from everyday spending. Simply using their Branch Card at participating merchants ranging from local restaurants to online retailers, cardholders automatically collect rewards that are paid out directly to their Branch Wallet at the end of each month. No additional sign-up or enrollment required.
How do I start earning rewards?
Update the Branch app to make sure you’re using the latest version of Branch, which features the new Rewards tab. The Rewards tab allows you to search for participating in-store and online locations. Then use your Branch Card or connect your digital wallet to Apple Pay or Google Pay to earn cash back from purchases made at participating retailers.
How much can I earn with each purchase?
Cardholders will automatically receive a percentage of their purchase, paid out directly to their Branch Wallet at the end of each month. Percentages and cash back amounts vary based on each participating merchant. Check the Rewards tab for the full list for participating merchants and eligible rewards.
Will I still earn a reward if I order from a participating restaurant online or through their delivery service?
You can still earn rewards through purchases made directly from a restaurant’s website using your Branch Card, but not through delivery services (e.g. DoorDash, ChowNow, Postmates.) ​​Review the terms of service with each participating merchant for more details.
Where can I keep track of my rewards?
Cash back from Branch Rewards will appear at the top left corner of your Rewards tab.
How do I cash in my rewards?
Rewards are paid out at the end of the following month and directly into your Branch Wallet.
When can I start using my rewards?
You can start using your rewards as soon as they’re paid out to your Branch Wallet at the end of each month—you’re in control of your balance and how you choose to spend your rewards.
Can I unenroll?
Since Branch Rewards is a new feature of the Branch Card, there is no option to unenroll.