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It's Yuge!

The UI Kit with a fresh twist.

Yuge is a modern UI kit for creating websites of any kind in less time than ever.
Based on modular principles
Over 100 pre-built sections
Totally adaptable design
Exciting features

Insight from our team.

Use this text to introduce the page or section. Set the scene and provide some context for the content that follows.

Customers are really loving Yuge.

“Sit nunc tellus ac integer. Suscipit ante eros, et felis, a vel. Volutpat commodo integer eros lacus massa dui. Diam cursus natoque eget dignissim.”

Wally Jones, Designer

“Id tincidunt amet sem sed arcu at tincidunt luctus gravida. Fringilla mauris, quis accumsan eu eleifend sed adipiscing.”

Bella Ridley, KAM

“Tincidunt amet sem sed arcu at tincidunt luctus gravida. Fringilla mauris, quis accumsan eu eleifend sed adipiscing. Risus at leo ligula hendrerit tempus.”

James Godwin, CEO
Pricing Components

Articulate your product pricing strategy.

Introduce the pricing for your product with the multiple included card arrangements.
All Access
per user
per month

Include a description of this pricing plan here. Just talk about the major inclusions and put the rest on the next page.

Start Trial
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List Component

Show off some features.

Display key features with a simple icon list component.
Experiment with over 100 hand-crafted blocks.
Yuge will save you countless hours of design.

Knock’em dead with numbers.

Display key metrics with a simple numbered metric component.
An increased metric that has been really encouraging.

Production Ready

Nisi facilisi porttitor urna pulvinar. Neque condimentum eu, faucibus nisl. Turpis nullam leo malesuada facilisis vitae accumsan lorem.

Explore Style Guide

Superior Usability

Lobortis suspendisse ipsum felis tellus euismod vitae lorem felis dictum. Senectus vitae quis nibh ac. Et sagittis gravida ac pharetra.

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