Using Branch

Get started with these helpful tutorials and guides.

Tips and Mileage Payouts

Ditch waiting two weeks for your hard-earned tips or gas mileage.

Cash Reload

Add cash to your Branch account at one of thousands of merchant locations across the U.S.

Send and Receive Money

Connect Branch to your favorite financial apps to send and receive money.

Activate a Branch Card

Learn how to activate your Branch Card and add funds to your Wallet so you can start using your hard-earned money however you like.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Get your full paycheck up to 2 days earlier when you enroll in Direct Deposit. Here's how to enable direct deposits in a few short steps.

Accessing Your Bank Statements

Quickly access your monthly account statements from within the Branch app.

Activate My Branch Card

Your Branch Card and Wallet allow you to spend, send, or save your money however you like.