Tips and Mileage Payouts

Ditch waiting two weeks for your hard-earned tips or gas mileage.

Don’t wait two weeks to collect your tips or get reimbursed for miles driven. With Branch, you can get these payments faster—either same-day or after each shift. Here's how it works:

How do tips and mileage payouts work?

Payouts for tips and/or mileage are pushed directly to your Branch Wallet for immediate use instead of requiring you to wait until your next paycheck.

When will I see these funds in my account?

The timing of tips and/or mileage payouts varies slightly depending on where you work. Some companies choose to issue tip payouts multiple times per day, whereas others only send payments out one time a day.

Even if your organization chooses to only send payments out one time a day, you should see those funds in your account the morning after your shift by no later than 11am. Check your Branch Wallet page for those transactions each day.

Read more about the timing of tip payouts here.

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