Activate a Branch Card

Learn how to activate your Branch Card and add funds to your Wallet so you can start using your hard-earned money however you like.

Your Branch Card and Wallet allow you to spend, send, or save your money however you like. The Wallet is your no-fee checking account and your Branch Card is the physical debit card you can take with you wherever you go.

How do I activate my Branch Card?

1. Download the Branch app onto your smartphone (in the iOS or Google Play store)

2. Tap “Sign Up” to get started.

3. Make sure you select the following:

Did your employer tell you to sign up for Branch? > YES 

Do you have a Branch card already and need to activate it? > YES 

What if I don't have my card yet?

If you don't have your Branch Card yet, you can still start spending before it arrives. That's because when your employer signs you up for Branch, you get immediate access to the Branch Wallet, which is your no-fee checking account. You can connect your Branch Wallet to Apple Pay or Google Pay to start making contactless payments. Here's how to set up Apple Pay or Google Pay on your account.

How can I add funds to my Branch Wallet?

You can add funds to your Branch Wallet using the following options:

Adding your employer’s direct deposit:

  • Click on “add funds” in the Branch Wallet
  • Click on “add employer direct deposit”
  • You can create a form to submit to your employer for them to route your direct deposit to your Branch account
  • You will need to confirm the change of deposit with your employer after creating and submitting the form
  • Your direct deposit may take several pay cycles to switch to Branch after submitting

Deposit cash to your Branch Wallet:

  • You can deposit cash into your Branch Wallet at select locations, such as Walgreens, CVS, Speedway, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Rite-Aid.
  • To find a location near you, click Add Funds then Cash Deposit in the Branch Wallet tab
  • From there, simply go to the cashier and hand them your cash and the Branch Card for them to load the money onto. There are small fees for this feature, which vary depending on location.

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